drama is life with the dull bits cut out | feat. Rakshit Vasavada

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.

Acting is a kind of thing with the help of it you can live many characters in one life…I am lucky to have this gift from the god…I am Rakshit Vasavada who is attached with acting n direction…At present, I am also associated with the upcoming movie ” Yuva Sarkar ” ……If anyone wants to be the part of this field can contact me

My Trin Trin is 6351122858 and 9824822411

I have completed almost 20 years of theatre life…Want to go more n more…Need your support …Wishes…Blessings….N blessings from god…thanks

Cinematography & Editor: – Prakash Chavda, Kamlesh Jethwa

Concept: – Pradip R Dave, ZAPPL Team

Content: Rakshit Vasavada

And Special Thanks to Pradip R Dave, Pati Cool to Patni Powerful Team

Location: Hemu Gadhvi hall Rajkot

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