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Human health is more important than any other things in this world, in today’s modern era life is working on time in this we have no proper time for proper food consumption and exercise. Our body is having more fat and obesity, and this obesity brings disease, we take medicines and medicines and again medicines, this cycle continues. But in our Indian tradition yoga is one of the forms of art of exercise. Different yoga has different benefits for our body, it gives us mental peace, physical strength, and make our body in shape and fit. On this Yoga day ZAPPL brings a story for awareness, Women’s faces many problems in her physical appearance after marriage. But there are many yoga classes across the globe, what about the difference in our story? The difference in our story we cover the area of Rajkot and in BAL BHAVAN the women’s are more active and fit because they share their knowledge and with a huge smile they do yoga and share their experience about spirituality and yoga.

We believe that our story inside story will help you to find your inside art, and everyone around us have their stories to share, so sharing makes more love and attachment so share our inside story make the air feel with love,

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Cinematography & Editor: – Prakash Chavda

Concept: – ZAPPL Team

Content: JP Joshi

The direction of photography: – Prakash Chavda

And Special Thanks to Brinda Shah: Professor, Dr Dipti Mehta: Anesthetist, Shital Vandra: Teacher, Falguni Sadaria: Housewife, Rajeshri Sheth: Housewife, Poonam Lalchandani: Executive CP World Logistics, Dr Minaxi Patel: Coach of Aerobics Class Location: Bal Bhavan, Rajkot

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